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If you’ve been following us on social media, you have seen that for the past 7 weeks, seven students from the Detroit School of Arts have been participating in a pilot internship program at Quicken Loans.

A life-changing opportunity, the Mogul Prep Internship Program is a direct extension of the Sean Anderson Foundation’s signature program Mogul Prep ( In partnership with Quicken Loans, the seven students received 1:1 mentoring, in a special effort to further connect students to the jobs and careers they are being exposed to through the Mogul Prep classroom curriculum. The Sean Anderson Foundation immensely thanks our friends at Quicken Loans, for working with us to create a one-of-a-kind program that continues to bridge the gap between educational institutions and the robust career opportunities emerging and thriving within Detroit, MI.

As the interns are preparing for their final presentation today, they have shared individual recaps of their experiences, and we could not be more than thrilled to post them on our blog.

The Mogul Prep Internship Program’s Pilot Class Says, “THANK YOU!”


Final Statement

My experience in Mogul Prep/Quicken Loans has been the greatest life I’ve ever lived. Firstly, I loved working with the Woodward Original Team. They treat me like one of their own. I literally connect with everyone on every level. Whether it’s a musical connection or a “Toothy Sci-Fi reference”, we all have bonds among each other. I’ve directly gotten close to Stevie Ansara, also known as Stevie Soul. He and I had latched to each other quicker than a magnet on Grandma’s refrigerator! Stevie is a professional Beat Boxer, and I play just about every instrument as well. Our first day together felt very “Famous”. He had his fellow Camera Operator, Cody Cochran, film us as we arrived to the Madison Building. The atmosphere is truly amazing at the Madison. There are Video Games, Ping Pong Tables, and Slushie Machines. The office space itself feels so free. The Woodward Original Team has the most unorthodox feeling to it, and it blows my mind each day! I’ve experienced so much during my time here. I got to work alongside and had the chance to meet, famous actor, Mark Wahlberg and one of Common’s producers, Kariem Riggins. Can you say “star-struck”?! Again, my experience here has been the best life I could live so far. While in Mogul Prep, I had a blast! Expectations were beyond met. Rashon Massey is the most palpable person I know. Our sessions have been a mix of Church, Open Mic Night, and all around excitement. Mogul Prep/Quicken Loans is the best move you can make in life. I am truly blessed to be a part of everyone and everything I’ve mentioned thus far.

Alexis Glass


My experience with Mogul Prep was definitely life changing. Just hearing from so many important people shows me that I’m changing for the better. The connections I’ve made over the past few weeks alone will definitely become lifelong. I’ve learned how to carry myself professionally in the workplace, introduce myself and “leave my mark” as a person. I am now more confident on ending my senior year at DSA gracefully. Thank you to Mogul Prep, Quicken Loans, Myra Anderson, Big Sean, as well as our wonderful Program Director Rashon Massey.

Martinee Williams


Hi Everybody, I’m Martinee Williams one out of the seven interns that are in the Mogul Prep internship with Quicken Loans!!!!!!!!

Can I just say what an Amazing experience this was, and I don’t think you will understand how much this will help me for not only my present, but my future. This Internship has built me into the young lady that I never knew existed. I have grown and came to the realization that the world is full of opportunities, and if you don’t speak up, take those opportunities and stay humble as you move along, it’s going to be hard to survive. I faced many challenges along the way, but I overcame those challenges and maintained the mindset of being focused.

Miracle Craft


Thanks so much, Rashon, I am definitely extremely grateful for this opportunity and your words of encouragement.

Working as a Mogul Prep intern was exactly what I imagined and more! In such a short time I have learned tons. From helping post on social media and meeting with different companies for partnerships to learning better communications skills, I have grown in various ways that I know will help me in whatever I embark on in the future. Everyone I’ve met during my internship was nothing but kind and welcoming. I would like t thank, in particular order, The Sean Anderson Foundation, Big Sean, Quicken Loans, My mom, and Family, & God. I will continue to stay humble and strive for excellence.

Uniya Arnold


As I come to a conclusion for my Quicken Loans internship in partnership with the Sean Anderson Foundation, I finally feel like I have stepped into my first door of greatness. I have had the opportunity to work with an astounding team that enhanced my knowledge of camera operation, lighting operation, editing software skills, communication skills, and professionalism. Not only did I contain myself inside of my team, I had the ability to expand my knowledge even more through the other Mogul prep Interns and QL team members, I’ve had the chance to oversee event planning, Social Media Management, Summer career exploration, Audio & Visual and Creative Marketing . For this 7 week internship, I have had more possibilities than most people my age. I would love to acknowledge the Sean Anderson Foundation, Quicken Loans and the family of companies, and Detroit School of Arts for my selection in this opportunity.



“Successful people work hard….Put GOD first,” Denzel Washington once said to the class of 2015, at Dillard University Graduation. This internship did not only prepare me for the professional industry, but it helped me get through personal problems of my own. I stacked up a lot of anger and sadness from handling situations dealing with close friends and family, but I still had to come to work and get things done and remind myself that every great successor goes through troubles and adversaries. How we continue to succeed is determined on how we handle a situation. My way of getting through the bad was to work, and I mean work hard. I started going to every meeting I could. I began asking people in different fields to help me understand their fields a little bit. Working was my way of coping and overcoming. Before this internship, I dealt with people that were very hard to work with and I would just not work with them at all, but in this internship, I had to put aside my personal feelings and channel my inner self. I had to seek my professional side, I needed to understand how that coworking was feeling and do my best to get any work we had together done. I had to learn that I will work with people that I will not get along with and we will bump heads, but that makes the experience better for all of us, to see what we can work on and how we can learn to handle the situation better. Thank you to the Sean Anderson Foundation, Quicken Loans, my