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The rapper teamed up with McDonald’s to gift Nyla Lewis with a MacBook, professional music software and mentoring sessions with Roc Nation executives.


  /  12.17.2020

Big Sean teamed up with McDonald’s to give an aspiring Detroit rapper some tools to help develop her skills and creativity as an artist.

On Wednesday (Dec. 16), the “Bounce Back” emcee surprised 19-year-old Nyla Lewis with a one-on-one virtual mentoring session in which they talked about music and mental health awareness.

“You have to put yourself a priority you have to take time out for yourself, that’s important,” Sean told Lewis when discussing the importance of self-care. “Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s an obligation. I didn’t realize in the Black community that it was such a thing that was not addressed. This is a time for progression.”

Aside from hearing the Detroit star’s words of wisdom, Lewis also received mentoring sessions with Roc Nation marketing executives, Black & Positively Golden Apparel, flowers and a MacBook Pro complete with a computer bag and professional music software.

“This is not something I’m gonna forget!” Lewis told the “Mercy” rapper.

Sean’s collaboration with McDonald’s is part of the Black & Positively Golden Mentors Program — an “initiative that pairs industry leaders in coveted sectors, including technology, entertainment, business and more, with up-and-coming changemakers in the same fields,” per the website.

During an interview with theGrio, he expressed his appreciation for the work McDonald’s is doing to “make a difference” in the Black community. Their charitable efforts coupled with the fact that he’d be helping a fellow Detroit native made the decision to partner with the franchise a no-brainer.

“Obviously, when they told me about Nyla and told me where she was from, we from the same place essentially, I was just all in. I was ready,” Big Sean said. “I feel like I have experienced great mentorship in my life and has made the biggest difference. I probably wouldn’t even be here. I might not even be alive if I didn’t have the right mentors in my life throughout my life.”

“Just to have [Big Sean] as my mentor, It’s a big deal,” Lewis added. “Being 19 from Michigan, it’s a gift to have access to Big Sean, and I know that for a fact, it’s going to help me in the long run.”