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At this time, as we join with the world and our leading health officials in encouraging you to continue to put your health first, while you find yourself with extra time on your hands, consider allocating a few of those minutes towards reading!

​Sean Anderson Foundation’s Founder and mental health advocate Big Sean recently took some time to share a few of his favorite books, as well as select new titles that he’s currently making time to read.

Check out the video here, and to make things easier for you, here are Mr. Anderson’s March 2020 Book Recommendations:

  • Becoming Supernatural – Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra
  • The Seven Energy Codes – Dr. Sue Morter
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • What You Think of Me is None of My Business – Terry Cole-Whittaker
  • The Hidden Messages in Water – Masaru Emoto
  • Ask and it is Given – Ester & Jerry Hicks
  • The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Transform Your Life – Marie Diamond