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Recently, through our partnership with Project Knapsack, students at Bates Academy received brand new backpacks!

Our partnership with Project Knapsack allows for students at Bates to be united

with the Molalatladi Primary School in Soweto, South Africa. Through forging pen

pal relationships, this program fosters a meaningful cultural exchange on both ends.

This year, these students were surprised with the added bonus of having Blended Designs sponsor their backpack donation. Adorned with words and images of affirmation meant to inspire and uplift young people of color, Blended Designs has begun a wonderful movement across the United States, and for more information on this company and/or our partnership with Project Knapsack, please visit the links below.

Special thanks to Porscha Dodson, founder of Project Knapsack, for her continual efforts to help improve the lives of students across the world through education and cultural exchanges!

Sean Anderson Foundation’s “Project Knapsack Partnership Page”

Blended Designs