Project Knapsack Launch At Bates Academy in Detroit, MI

PROJECT KNAPSACK & the Sean Anderson Foundation

Project Knapsack Launch At Bates Academy in Detroit, MI

In 2015, the Sean Anderson Foundation formed a very special partnership with Project Knapsack (www.projectknapsack.org ). Founded by Porcha L. Dodson, Project Knapsack partners elementary and secondary students in the United States with pen pals in Africa; moreover, the schools on the developing side of the exchange receive new backpacks filled with school supplies via Project Knapsack and the organization’s partnership with Staples.

As this partnership continues to grow and expand, you can check this page for updates including an archive of links to blog posts, photos and more!


“Creating Change One Backpack At A Time” : about the PROJECT KNAPSACK and Sean Anderson Foundation Partnership:  http://seanandersonfoundation.org/2015/12/08/creating-change-one-backpack-at-a-time/

Being that this partnership is so special and unique, we wanted to make sure that the Sean Anderson Foundation’s community of supporters were able to fully understand the scope and magnitude of this relationship. Thank you to our dear friend and ally in positive change, Porcha Dodson (Founder, Project Knapsack), for taking the time to do an interview with us here at the Sean Anderson Foundation.

“Project Knapsack Deliver’s Supplies to Students in South Africa” :  about the backpack and school supplies exchange between Project Knapsack and the Molalatladi Primary School: http://seanandersonfoundation.org/2016/03/15/project-knapsack-delivers-supplies-to-students-in-south-africa/

“Sean Anderson Foundation Continues Partnership with Project Knapsack”: We are excited to share that we are continuing our partnership with Project Knapsack and their global backpack exchange program!http://seanandersonfoundation.org/2017/01/24/sean-anderson-foundation-continues-partnership-with-project-knapsack/



Students at Bates Academy Write to the Students at the Molalatladi Primary School in Soweto, South Africa

Project Knapsack Deliver’s Backpacks to Students in South Africa

The Molalatladi Primary School in Soweto, South Africa

Bates Academy’s Project Knapsack 2015 Fall Launch in Detroit, MI, USA