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On Monday, October 23, over 400 students from Detroit Public Schools assembled at the Gem Theatre, for a special edition of Mogul Prep, hosted by the Sean Anderson Foundation, Big Sean and Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans.

The middle and high school students were treated to an intimate conversation between the billionaire investor and Sean Anderson Foundation founder, as they exchanged stories about their very humble beginnings growing up in and around Detroit.

“All the times you worked hard to have good grades, and all the times you failed a class, and had to come back and really boss yourself up and get it right, that’s what it’s all about,” were among the pearls of wisdom shared from Big Sean to the eager students that remained incredibly enthused about the experience throughout the 2-hour event.


Oftentimes, students do not see the importance of education and/or how what they are learning in school applies to their interests and potential career choices in “the real world”; and for this reason, the Sean Anderson Foundation is so very thankful that Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans would take the time to further assist our mission of exposing and educating students via Mogul Prep. By his presence at the event, interest in our foundation’s efforts and ongoing support of education throughout Detroit, students were able to further expand their knowledge of career opportunities beyond entertainment, delving into a world of business, technology and innovation that eagerly awaits their skills and talents.


Big Sean and the Sean Anderson Foundation would like to thank our friends at Reels of Gold Media for documenting this conversation.


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