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“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulder’s of giants.”


One of our founding father’s of physics, Sir Issac Newton, is only one of many great individuals who’ve spoken and/or written the aforementioned transcendent quotation, and in relationship to Sir Issac Newton’s career and impact to our understanding of life on Earth entirely, these words are even more poignant, resounding with truth evermore.


Whether it be our physical and/or metaphorical bodies standing upon this enchanting planet or the backs and foundations of our parents and ancestors before, if ever we are exposed to greatness beyond the limits of our eyes, oftentimes it is from the vantage point, perspective, experiences, compassion and kindness extended from someone and/or someplace else.


As this precious relationship is responsible for the forward ascension of ourselves as humans, and as an organization that is both focused and dedicated towards the overall improvement of the lives of our youth, via the vehicle of education, the Sean Anderson Foundation recognized the importance of giving back through a mentorship program early on. Through Mogul Prep, the Sean Anderson Foundation has found a place to bring together entertainment industry professionals with students, allowing for our youth to gain valuable exposure to the current and emerging career opportunities available to them.


Please enjoy this highlight video of our April 2017 Mogul Prep Detroit event, made even more special by the appearance of Detroit’s Mayor, the Hon. Mike Duggan, who presented Big Sean with the Key to the City.


As we grow this signature program of ours, we want to make sure that our supporters are able to watch the journey! For those with social media accounts, make sure to follow the Sean Anderson Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instgram under the handle @SeanAndersonOrg, as well as Mogul Prep (@MogulPrep on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). All links are below!


Special thanks to Reels of Gold Media for filming and producing this video for our foundation.



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Christopher “Chris Haze” Suttle owner of the cinematography company “Reels of Gold Media.” Welcome. Reels of Gold Media started in the year of 2016 in Detroit, MI better known as the Motor City. Growing up, my mom taught me “The sky isn’t the limit. There is no limit to what you can do, or learn in life.” I took that advice and applied it to everything I showed interest in.

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