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No matter the size of the offering, the greatest rewards in life sometimes can come from giving back to others, and when the effort(s) can be directed towards the enrichment and betterment of the next generation, the impact and impressions can be far more lasting than one might ever imagine.

We are excited to share that we are continuing our partnership with Project Knapsack and their global backpack exchange program! Uniting students at the Molalatladi Primary School in Soweto, South Africa, with students at Bates Academy in Detroit, the program is truly a cultural exchange at the hands-on level for young students.

We thank Project Knapsack for always keeping us updated with photos and videos of the students participating in the program. Pictured are students from Bates Academy, eagerly writing their pen pals at the Molalatladi Primary School! Students on both continents talk about school, family, hobbies, pets and facts concerning their country in their letters. Students at Bates chose to express their thoughts and feelings about the recent election and upcoming marches scheduled around the country. The participating students at Bates also included photos and memorabilia that represented their family and cultural background.

You can find out more information about our ongoing Project Knapsack partnership by visiting: http://seanandersonfoundation.org/programs/project-knapsack/

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