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This past May, the Michigan Chronicle took time to acknowledge the work and efforts of Myra Anderson, Chief Executive Officer at the Sean Anderson Foundation.

For the past eight years, men and women have been honored as part of the Michigan Chronicle’s annual ceremony to salute those individuals and acts their are fostering change in Detroit and Michigan.

“In recognition of its 80th anniversary, theChronicle  hosted the Awards Ceremony and Alumni Reunion, recognizing nearly 100 honorees , the first time that both women and men were honored at the same ceremony.  Additionally, past Honorees of Excellence have been invited to attend this year’s gala event.” -Michigan Chronicle

For further details and pictures of the event, visit the Michigan Chronicle’s website here: http://michronicleonline.com/2016/05/16/john-hope-bryant-sets-tone-for-men-and-women-of-excellence-celebration/

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