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Pictured: Stanley Lassen (center) with benefit concert headliner Galantis. Special thanks to Stanley Lassen and Jacob Sitto for the event photographs!

This weekend, at the “Community Fun Day” event in Flint, MI, the Sean Anderson Foundation (SAF) will be presenting our donation to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint’s (CFGF) “Flint Child Health & Development Fund”. The fund was created to provide ongoing financial support for the children and families affected by the 2014-2016 Flint Water Crisis. For more information on “Community Fun Day”, visit: http://seanandersonfoundation.org/2016/05/17/flints-community-fun-day-for-families/

In January, in partnership with CrowdRise (CrowdRise.com), the SAF launched our #HealFlintsKids campaign, to raise money for the CFGF’s fund; moreover, throughout the fund drive, we received an abundant amount of support from individuals and organization’s all over the world.

As we prepare to make our donation to the CFGF’s fund, we wanted to take time to highlight a small handful of young people who spearheaded efforts to make a difference in Flint, either through the #HealFlintsKids campaign or another support network in place for residents.

Today – we spotlight Stanley Lassen and the MSU Interfraternity Council!

Stanley reached out, on behalf of the MSU Interfraternity Council, to share with us that his team decided to give a portion of proceeds raised from a Galantis-headlined benefit concert to our #HealFlintsKids fund drive. As you can imagine, we were pretty overwhelmed at this gesture of kindness, and we wanted to take time to recognize the hard work and passion Stanley and his team made for the children of Flint!

Read our brief chat transcript from a conversation with Stanley!

The Sean Anderson Foundation is very honored that you chose to donate to our #HealFlintsKids campaign. Can you tell us a little bit about your school’s organization and how you’re involved? 

STANLEY LASSEN - The organization that I am apart of is the Michigan State Interfraternity Council. The MSU IFC is governing body of 30 fraternities at MSU. I got involved in 2015 when I ran and was elected to be Vice-President of the IFC in 2015. From there I created the Students Give Back Committee which is made up of all men and women members of Greek Life who volunteered to help. Their names are Jacob Sitto, Jenna Sapala, Sarah Chapekias, Geoff Soubrin, and Chris Kojaian.


Why did your team decide to make a difference in Flint?

SL - My team decided to make a difference in Flint because as we were looking at different charities to give to we became aware of the crisis in Flint and knew that was the place where we should put all our efforts towards. With Flint we saw a thousands of kids having their childhood affected and there was nothing they could do about. To us that is so wrong and we knew that if we have the ability to help we needed to do it. Also, East Lansing and Flint are basically neighboring cities and when your neighbor is in need you should help.


Why is giving back important to you?

SL - Giving back is important because is you have the ability to help people in need then you should do it. Also, helping other people makes me feel good.


Throughout the #HealFlintsKids campaign, the SAF has witnessed incredible acts of kindness! Why is it important that we continue to be of support to the children affected by the lead poisoning crisis in Flint and elsewhere?

SL - Its important because these kids are our future. By supporting these kids we are showing that we care about them and then in turn they will be more caring other people.


Thank you, again, Stanley and the MSU Interfraternity Council on giving back to #HealFlintsKids!

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